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Waters — Dennington Genealogy

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                                                        Waters -- Dennington Genealogy

First Generation

  1.      The family of William Waters and Joan Dennington. They had five children.

Second Generation

  2.  William Leonard Waters          b. 9 Jun 1918 Beccles Suffolk England
                                                             m. 5 Mar 1939 Beccles
                                                             d.  7 Aug 1996 Beccles                                                                                                                                                                                                Bill was a signalman for British Rail for 40 years. He served with the British Army in WW2 in the 31st Field Regiment, 4th Indian Division, in the signal corps.

  3.  Joan May Dennington               b. 1 May 1918 Wheatacre Norfolk England
                                                              m. 5 Mar 1939 Beccles                                                                                                                                                                                                4                                                            d.  24 May 2005 Beccles                                                                                                                                            

Obituary for Beccles and Bungay Journal Joan May Waters nee Dennington 1918-2005

 On May 24 2005 Joan May Waters passed away peacefully in her sleep in Beccles Memorial Hospital at the age of 87.She was predeceased by her husband William (Bill) Leonard Waters in 1996, and also by her sister Margaret Shaw and brother Alan Dennington. She leaves to mourn her sisters Evelyn, husband Arthur, Simmonds; Vera, husband John, Sayer and her brother Malcolm Dennington.

Joan and Bill leave to mourn their children, Terence, wife Nancy and family, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Julian, wife June and family from Kenton, Devon; John and family from Shaddingfield; Verena, husband Merlin and family from Eye; Robert, wife Cheryl and family from Brampton. In total Joan had eighteen grandchildren and thirteen great-grandchildren now living in Canada and England.

The funeral Service for Joan will be at St. Peter’s, Brampton at 2:30 pm on Tuesday 7 June 2005.

In lieu of flowers the family requests that you make a donation to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

 Eulogy written by Terry: Joan was born in Wheatacre, Norfolk on May 1 1918. She grew up in Beccles in a family of five and married her school sweetheart Bill at St. Michaels on March 5 1939. He was conscripted almost immediately to the BEF and went to France only to be evacuated from Dunkirk in 1940. He then went to North Africa with the Eighth Army. He was away for almost six years so Joan was essentially a single Mum living at home with her parents with two rowdy boys all that time.

 Her goal in those years was to make sure that, after John joined Julian and me, that we all had a chance for a good education in post war Beccles. That came true when we passed the 11+ and went to the Sir John Leman School and later when we were very fortunate to become the first in the Waters family to attend University. We were followed by Verena who arrived just before the Coronation. Bob arrived while I was in London, making five of us.

 Raising a family of five and getting them through secondary education on a low budget took a lot of persistence and creative effort in England in those days, but Mum was equal to the task and we are all grateful.

 The family moved to Walton-on-Naze in 1960, and then Colchester, Wivenhoe, Pakefield, Oulton Broad and finally back to Beccles. Mum supported Bill as he was transferred around British Rail and she set up house for the family with lots of enthusiasm wherever we were. She worked hard with whatever we had and we can tell you we never suffered from malnutrition or lack of attention. For instance, she looked after Nancy and me in the summer of 1963 when Rosemary was born, and also took Bob and Cheryl under her wing when they were starting out in the 80’s. She helped everyone in their turn.

 She and Dad made several trips to Canada to visit our family, while we were moving from project to project, and she repeated lots of stories to all of us of her adventures. She took great pride and interest in all her 18 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren and kept a detailed calendar of all their birthdays and anniversaries. Up till this past Christmas everyone in her family of 37 got a card from Mum, sometimes with a poem.  Joan wrote  poetry, much of which was published in the Waveney Magazine in Beccles. When she was 80 a group of us from Canada took her for a trip on the Broads after the family party. Her eldest grandchild has written a poem in her remembrance on behalf of the family which will now be read by Nancy:


 Terry and I went to Joan Waters funeral on June 7th.Description: Description: C:\Users\Waters\Documents\reid_waters\gen\MCj01042280000[1].gif

Ode to Grandma        

Your stories flowed
like a river 
that time on the Broads
I swear you kept us
anchored with
words alone
 we didn’t drown
like Great Aunt Vera said
We kept afloat

we docked at a bluebell
wood and you remembered
bluebell woods
And dreams of
living by the sea
we hiked all over
the countryside
you were so happy

“I’m eighty”! you
told the passersby
 and at night
you told me stories
of war and peace
until I pretended
to sleep

your stories and
poetry, your love and laughter,
your flights of fancy, will
always be part of the river
that is our lives
ever flowing
ever loving to that faraway

 We love you always


Third Generation

4.    Albert Edward Waters       b. 3 May 1884    Beccles
                                                     m. 26 Dec 1907    Beccles
                                                      d. 26 Mar 1972    Beccles

Albert spent all his working life at the Engineering firm of Elliot and Garrod and retired  as a foreman at the age of 70. He was active in the Methodist Church and a keen bird fancier, winning many competitions with his canaries.

5.    Eva Bowes                            b. 1 April 1887  Loddon Norfolk England
                                                       d.  4 Dec   1966  Beccles

Eva and Albert had five children:



Muriel Eva


Winifred Ellen (Freda)


William Leonard




Photo of  Albert Edward Waters about 1915
Photo of  Eva Bowes Waters with Edward Jr.   1922
Photo of  Albert and Eva with Edward and William 1927
Photo of  Winnifred and Herbert Ward about 1940
Photo of  Eva Bowes and Albert Waters   1962
Photo of  Edward Waters about 1944

6.    Alfred Arthur Dennington    b. 26 Jan 1885    Beccles
                                                            m.            1916    Beccles
                                                            d.             1962    Beccles

Alfred was a railroader, working on construction and maintenance. During WW1 he was in the British Army with the East Surreys. A Sergent, he was wounded three times and discharged Feb 1919.

7.    Edith Annie Spence           b. 26 Dec 1890   Flixton Suffolk
                                                        m.            1916    Beccles
                                                        d. 9 May  1972    Saxmundham Suffolk
Alfred Dennington and Edith Spence had six children:

Joan May












Edith lived with her daughters Joan and then Margaret after Alf died.

Fourth Generation

8.    William George Waters    b. 20 Dec 1868    Ringsfield Suffolk
                                                     m. 16 Oct 1882    Beccles
                                                     d.              1924    Beccles

William was a municipal worker for Beccles Town Council. One of his duties was to supervise the Bathing Place on the River Waveney.

9.    Emily Gunns                       b.             1860    Strumpshaw Norfolk
                                                      m. 16 Oct 1882    Beccles
                                                      d.            1940    Beccles

Emily and William had five children:

Albert Edward


Sarah E


William Burgoyne


 Leonard George


·  Horace

·        They had a house in Puddingmoor in Beccles where Emily grew a fine orchard from seeds. Some of the apple trees were still there in 2000. William died as a result of gassing in WW1.

10.    Robert Bowes                          b.            1855    Loddon Norfolk
                                                           m. 14Apr 1879    Beccles
                                                           d.             1901    Beccles

Robert was artistic, a musician, sign writer and painter.

11.    Mary Elizabeth Leman         b.             1854    Loddon
                                                          m.            1879    Beccles
                                                          d.              1923   Beccles

Mary Elizabeth and Robert had three children:







  Eva was the only one to marry. Fred and Winnie lived together for years. Fred was an excellent pianist and played for the silent movies as well as in The Fleece Inn, even when he became blind later in life. Mary was a twin.
Photo of  Winnifred Bowes about 1926

12.    Alfred Dennington         b.                1861    Beccles
                                                     m.               1882    Beccles
                                                     d.                1916    Beccles

Alfred was a General Labourer for the Town Council.

13.    Una Tuffs                        b. Aug 4    1859    Kirby Cane Norfolk
                                                          m.               1882    Beccles

Una was a Printer's Folder at Clowes and boarded with the Denningtons.
Una and Alfred had eight children:

Alfred Clement                                                                                                                                               died in infancy




Alfred Arthur












  Arthur  Ernest served with the Navy, HMS Barham, in WWW 1 and died of TB a bachelor.
Charles served with the Kings Own Rifles and later played prof football in goal for Norwich and Bradford. Arthur served with the Queens RW Surreys. All were discharged in 1919.
Una lived with her daughter's family Nessie in the USA and died there.

14.    Arthur Richard Spence b. 18 Jan                  1863                    Blundeston Suffolk
                                                          m.                       19 Mar   1884    Sotterley Suffolk
                                                           d.                       1952                   Burgh St. Peter Norfolk

Arthur had a large family. He fed and clothed them by moving from estate to estate where he was able to hold positions as Steward and Chauffeur and was able to grow a lot of his own food. He served at Flixton, Blundeston and Wheatacre Halls. He could play the fiddle and was always the heart and soul of a family gathering.

Note: Alan Spence wrote to me in his Christmas Letter December 2009:  P.S. A little anecdote from Grandad Arthur, as told to my Dad. When he was farm steward, he received an invoice from a blacksmith, who could read and write , but only in a Suffolk accent: Here is the note-                                                                                                                                                                                     FETCHIN' THE HOSS              6

                                                                                                                                                                                      A SHOEIN' ON 'IM                1 6

                                                                                                                                                                                      AN' A TEARKIN' ON 'IM HOME AGIN.       6

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Sum 26


 15.    Anna Elizabeth Delf            b. 19 Apr  1864        Henstead Suffolk
                                                          m. 19 Mar 1884        Sotterley
                                                          d.              1939         Burgh St Peter

Anna and Arthur had at least 22 children:

Florence May was the eldest b. 1885


Winnifred Elizabeth


Alice Mary


Edith Annie,


 Winnifred Harriet


Ethel Matilda


Lillian Lavinia


Frances Marion   ten girls before a boy


William George


Arthur Victor


 Dorothy Helen


Daisy Margaret


Ruth Hilda


Ada Louise


Ivy Irene


Kathleen Elizabeth


John Alfred Malcolm 


Frederick Charles the youngest born 1910


Many died in infancy and were not named. Sixteen became adults.

Fifth Generation

16.    George Waters                    b. 18 Mar 1829        Beccles
                                                       m. 13 Mar 1859       Worlingham, Suffolk
                                                       d.   1 June  1905       Beccles

George was an Aggie and a railway platelayer.

17.    Hannah Turrell                     b.              1821        Shipmeadow, Suffolk
                                                          m. 13 Mar 1859       Worlingham
                                                          d.              1888        Beccles

Hannah and George had four children:

George Turrell


Edward John,


William George 




Hannah was a nurse and servant.

18.    Horace Gunns               b.               1833        Ashby, Norfolk
                                                  m.                               Reedham, Norfolk
                                                  m.                               Reedham, Norfolk
                                                   d.                              22 Jun 1919        Reedham

Horace was a police constable. He was also a census taker, as his clear handwriting can be seen on the 1871 Census record for Strumpshaw. He had married twice, all the children appear to be with his first wife Sarah Ann Harrison. His second wife was Lydia Harrison, they are believed to be sisters

19.    Sarah Ann Harrison     b.
                                                  m.                 1856
                                                   d.    before   1871

Sarah Ann and Horace had six children:











Mary Anne


 Lydia, Horace's second wife was born in 1830 in Laxbrook, Norfolk and died at Reedham August 16 1912

20.    Robert Bowes              b.      22 Feb 1829        Elsing, Norfolk
                                                m.     15 Sep 1851        Lyng, Norfolk

Robert was a Police Officer. In 1881 the family lived at Brockdish, Norfolk

21.    Emily Lane                   b.                    1832        Hockring, Norfolk
                                             m.    15 Sep 1851                 Lyng, Norfolk

Emily and Robert had at least three children:

Anna Maria





22.    William Leman         b. 12 June        1814        Loddon, Norfolk
                                              m. 23 Jan         1838        Loddon
                                               d. 16 March    1896        Loddon

William was a harness maker and lived all his life in Loddon.

23.    Mary Rudd             b.                        1815        Thelverton, Norfolk
                                           m.                       23 Jan            1838
                                           d.                        1902        Loddon

William and Mary had nine children:











Mary Elizabeth   twin


Lucy Amelia     twin




Sarah Ann


24.    Clement Dennington

                                               b.          July 28             1821        Beccles, Suffolk
                                               m.         April               1844        Beccles

Clement was an agricultural labourer and Corporation Foreman in Beccles. He lived most of his life on Ingate Street

25.    Elizabeth Oxborough b.           November 25 1823        Beccles
                                                m.           April               1844
                                                d.            November 16 1903        Beccles

Clement and Elizabeth had nine children, all born in Beccles:





Maria J




Clement C      ( who was the fourth generation Clement and died a bachelor)











26.    George Tuffs         b.                        1841        Kirby Cane, Norfolk

27.    Unknown

28.    William Spence          b.          July 2               1827        Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
                                               m.                             1850        Gillingham, Norfolk
                                               d.         April 23            1908        Blundeston, Suffolk

William was an agricultural labourer. His father is unknown and he retained his mother's surname. His birthplace has not been confirmed although the Census records Gt Yarmouth.

29.    Mary Sturman         b.         October 3          1828        Gillingham, Norfolk
                                            m.                            1850        Gillingham, Norfolk
                                            d.         April 29               1905        Blundeston, Suffolk

Mary and William had eight children. The family lived at Blundeston Hall









Arthur Richard


George F






their lives where it is believed William worked at the Blundeston Hall estate.

30.    George Delf            b.                  February 28           1841        Hulver Street, Suffolk
                                            m.                December 25         1863       Sotterley, Suffolk
                                            d.                                                 1914

George was a fisherman and agricultural labourer at Sotterley Hall.

31.    Harriet Manning     b. November 16        1841       Sotterley, Suffolk
                                            m. December 25        1863       Sotterley, Suffolk
                                            d.                                 1914

Harriet and George had eight children,

Anna Elizabeth




Florence Mary


George William


Elizabeth Sarah






Alice Dot


Sixth Generation

32.    John Waters            b.                     about  1773
                                           m. July 3                     1809        Barnby, Suffolk
                                           d. January 15             1834        Beccles, Suffolk

The birthplace and parents of John have not yet been determined. Latest research suggests a birthplace in Norfolk probably baptized at St. Nicholas in Great Yarmouth. John was an agricultural labourer. This may have been John's second marriage.

33.    Mary Anne Clarke b. May 5                 1787        Barnby, Suffolk
                                            m. July 3                  1809        Barnby
                                            d. February 8           1872        Beccles, Suffolk

Mary Anne and John had at least eight children.
Mary Anne supported herself as a laundress after John died and then moved in with her daughter Charlotte.

Mary Ann,








Sarah Ann








34.    Isaac Turrell           b.             about         1779        Barsham, Suffolk

Isaac was an agricultural labourer.

35.    Sarah Rivet          b.                about        1780        Shipmeadow, Suffolk
Sarah and Isaac had three children, Jemimah, William and Hannah. Hannah was recorded as a nurse in the 1851 Census.

36.    William Gunns b.                about        1795        Loddon, Norfolk

37.    Elizabeth           b.                about        1796        Claxton, Norfolk

Elizabeth and William had at least four children, William, Richard, Jeremiah and Horace.

38.    Unknown
39.    Unknown

40.    John Bowes     b. 7nov 1804 Lyng, Norfolk

                                    m. 13 Oct 1828 Elsing

                                    d.    1 Mar 1855  Lyng
41.    Eleanour Plummer   

                                    b.    1809

                                    m    13 Oct 1828 Elsing

                                    d    4 Jul 1847

                                    John and Eleanour had at least 12 children all born in Elsing. the last recorded was George and not baptized. Eleanour likely died in childbirth at 38

In 1851 the surviving family was living at The Common. John was an aggie.

Robert, Mary Anne, Caroline, Rebecca, John, Matthew, Mary Anne, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Matilda, George Edgar, George


42.    Unknown
43.    Unknown

44.    William Lemon     b.    about                    1767  Loddon, Norfolk
                                          m.    September 23       1805 Loddon
                                          d.    November 7          1839  Loddon

William's name was recorded as Leman and Lemon. He was a shopkeeper in 1814 in Loddon.

45.    Anne (License)      b.    about                    1774
                                          m.    September 23      1805  Loddon
                                          d.    December 31        1840  Loddon

Anne's birthplace and name are not known , she and William had at least five children, John, John, Elizabeth Ann, William
and Mary Ann.

46.    Zachariah Rudd b.   about                    1778  Thelverton, Norfolk

Father of Mary.
47.    Unknown

48.    Clement Dennington b.    September 9    1781    Metfield, Suffolk
                                               m.    October 5       1809    Beccles, Suffolk
                                               d.                            1854    Beccles

Clement was an Agricultural labourer. the family lived in Ingate Beccles.

49.    Margaret Barber b.    January 18        1789    Ilketshall St. Andrew, Suffolk
                                              m.    October 5        1809    Beccles, Suffolk

Margaret and Clement had ten children, Phoebe, Mary Ann, William, Louisa, Sarah, Clement, John, Robert, Maria and

50.    Unknown
51.    Unknown
52.    Unknown
53.    Unknown
54.    Unknown
55.    Unknown
56.    Unknown

57.    Winnifred Spence  b.    September  17     1800      Blundeston, Suffolk
                                            m.    April 25               1830      Blundeston
                                             d.    April 14                1875      Blundeston

Winnifred's son William was born in 1827, father unknown, William kept the name Spence. She married Clarence Moore in 1830 and they had eight children, Emma, Elizabeth,, Harriet, James, Samuel, Hannah, George and Caroline. Clarence died in 1849 when he was 45.

58.    Jerimiah Sturman   b. December 11           1803    Gillingham, Norfolk
                                            m.                                 1823

59.    Muriel                         b.                    about       1805    Shipmeadow, Suffolk

Muriel and Jerimiah were the parents of Mary.

60.    George Townrow
61.    Frances Delf         b.                   about        1820    Sotterley, Suffolk
                                        m.                   about        1823

Frances apparently had George and John before her marriage to Robert Smith.

George's father was recorded as George Townrow but he kept the name Delf. The Smiths had three children, Frances, Robert and Ann.

62.    William Manning    b.    July 30                     1815
                                             m.    October 20             1839    Wrentham, Suffolk

63.    Elizabeth Norman b.                about           1816

William and Elizabeth were the parents of Harriet.

Seventh Generation

64, 65    Unknown

66.    John Clarke     m.    March 31             1778    Barnby, Suffolk
67.    Sarah Algar      m  as above

Sarah and John had nine children, Sarah, John, George, James, Robert, William, Mary Ann, Rachel and Judith.
John was an agricultural labourer.

68     Unknown

80    Matthew Bowes b.     3 Mar 1771 Lyng, Norfolk

                                        m.    28 Oct 1795 East Dereham, Norfolk

                                        d.    27 April 1844 Gressenhall Union Workhouse

81    Mary Johnson        b.    1768    East Dereham

                                        m. 28 Oct 1795 East Dereham

                                        d.    29 April 1832 Lyng

Matthew and Mary had at least eight children all born in Lyng; Lucy, Maria Anne, Elizabeth, Lucy, William, John, Matthew and Caroline. Matthew was an Aggie. The Workhouse is now the Norfolk Rural Life Museum and a farm worked with 19 century equipment and horses


96.    Clement Dennington b.       about             1757
                                                 m.    August 6           1779    Metfield, Suffolk
                                                 d.                             1813    Wrentham, Suffolk

Clement was an agricultural labourer. His birthplace and parents are being researched.

97.    Sarah Keable             b.    May 31             1758    Cratfield, Suffolk
                                              m.   August 6            1779   Metfield
                                               d.    December 27    1823    Wrentham

Sarah and Clement had nine children, Elizabeth, Clement, Samuel, Hannah, Julia, John, Robert, Cabel and Mary.

98-159 Unknown

160.    Thomas Bowes        b. 15 Jul 1721  Lyng, Norfolk

                                           m. 13 Jan 1751 Elsing

                                           d.  1783

161.    Mary Knites , widow           d.16 Oct 1758

Thomas and Mary had at least two children born in Elsing, John and Mary

            Frances Smith                     b. 1736

                                                       d.    9 Oct 1816

Thomas and his second wife Frances had at least two children born in Lyng; William and Matthew


320.    Thomas Bowes        b. 27 Oct 1695 Lyng, Norfolk

321.    Amy                        d. 21 Apr 1760 Lyng

Thomas and Amy had at least three children born in Lyng; Amy, Thomas, Lucy


640.    Thomas Bowes        b. 14 Mar 1658 Lyng, Norfolk

641.    Elizabeth                   d.    27 Oct 1710 Lyng

Thomas and Elizabeth had at least nine children born in Lyng; John, Elizabeth, Thomas, James, Gyles, Susanna, Susan, Susanna, James


1280.    Simon Bowes/Boughs    m. 1644 Lyng, Norfolk

1281.    Amy Richardson           

Simon and Amy had at least five children born in Lyng; Simon, Thomas, Richard, Thomas and John

Family Legend from David Fox, grandson of Doris Bowes. " all the Bowes in Elsing and Lyng are descended from three brothers who walked from Yorkshire to Norfolk, there is a village called Bowes in North Yorkshire"


                                                                                                                                         Poem to celebrate Terry’s 70th birthday 

To Dad - on his 70th Birthday

The Bird-Word Man's Dream
You are a Bird-Word Man
seeing the puzzle
words and patterns fly
like birds across paper

You identify
the word game

Bird's Name?
You mystify your family
with questions unanswered
until next week's paper

You are a  Jocular-Oculist
using binoculars
seeing eagles
cresting and sailing  
the jet stream
a Bird-Word Man's dream
a celestial spell 
a bird-word game
asking Why?

riddling wings against
deep blue truth
leaving questions unanswered
and a
mystified sky










Description: Description: C:\Users\Waters\Documents\reid_waters\gen\gen_menu.gif